Mane Event Photos & saddle fitting info

Well, The Mane Event 2011 is complete.   Twelve people and thirteen horses participated, so Cowgirl Up Ranch was a busy place for four days – actually five days, since almost all of us showed up on Wednesday afternoon.  As usual, the food, courtesy of Esther, was superb. Also as usual, the weather was totally crazy (from a beach dweller’s perspective, anyhow):  it was about 85 for two days, mid-70’s one day, and hailed, rained, thundered and lighteninged on the day we all had to load our horses and trailer out!

We took about a zillion photos and I’ve posted about half a zillion of them – I love to see pictures, even bad ones, of Sunny, so I assume everyone else is willing to wade through lots of snapshots of their horses and their friend’s horses.  By the way, thanks to whomever took photos of Sunny, and Sunny and me – I seldom get to see what she looks like, and I really appreciate it.  Anyhow.  I posted photos for each day.

Marybeth’s gallery application is like most of them that you’ve used on the web:  click on a thumbnail to see the enlarged version of a photo, use the “next/previous” buttons at the top and bottom of the photo to navigate.  If any of the participants would  like any of the photos in high res,  drop me a note and we’ll figure out how to get it to you.
Day 1, Mane Event 2011

Day 2, Mane Event 2011

Day 3, Mane Event 2011

Day 4, Mane Event 2011

Also, several people were interested in saddle fitting.   I’ve been really pleased with Susan and David Hartje, who run Saddles that Fit.  Their web site is 

Saddles That Fit

and their contact information is there also.  When you call or email, it may take a couple of days for them to get back to you – they are on the road a lot.  I like them because, in addition to knowing their stuff and being able to communicate about it, they don’t represent any specific saddle manufacturer – they have a big trailer with about 60 saddles in it, with various trees, widths, seats, twists, whatever. So after they do an initial assessment, they start trying saddles on you and your horse.  Anyhow, I can’t speak too highly of them.

Several people indicated interest in coming over our (Sunny and my) way to ride. I’d love to see you and show you our trails, so stay in touch.

wanna ride?


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